Littletooth is the new music project created by veteran singer-songwriter Jeremy Raymond. 

Since graduating from Grant MacEwan College's Music Program in 2002, Jeremy has been performing with a variety of group on stages and in studios all over Canada. He is a musical polymath who, in addition to powerhouse vocals, plays guitar, harmonica, drums, and piano. 

In early 2016, Jeremy pulled up stakes in Vancouver and moved across the country to Toronto.  This move also represented a bold new direction in his music.  Drawing on almost a decade and a half of performing, Littletooth is a musical experience that is about more than just playing songs -- it's about creating moments!


In addition to his musical work, Jeremy has also been an active member of the film and TV industry.  Nominated for a Gemini award in 2003 (for Best Supporting Actor in the movie The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie), he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world today, from directors like J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin, to stars such as Gena Rowlands, Simon Pegg, James Caan, and even Metallica.